1 – Organisms and Life Processes

Which topic would you like to view?

1.1 Life Processes

1.2 The Variety of Living Organisms

You can test yourself on the whole of Organisms and Life Processes by using the revision quiz below. To download it click here and press the save button.

If you would like to buy all my revision tests for IGCSE then just click here button

  1. Hi! With the 1st question, I’m sure that we would have to know 8, not 7 since they count control as one of them in the paper. Thanks!

  2. how about “Mrs Gren & Co” as a memory aid?

  3. 20 days left until my IGCSE’s exam. Why didn’t I find this site earlier? Yet, thanks for everything Mr. Exham.

    By the way, do you have any suggestion – a method to finish 8 Subjects, including Biology in 20 days?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. yeah I appreciate you Mr Exham

  5. is there a mark scheme

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