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New revision tests now available

Three more revision tests have now been uploaded to the website, one for IGCSE, one for AS, and one for A2. Download them from SlideShare, complete them, use the textbook to mark them, write out anything you get wrong on the revision tracker, and then repeat the test every couple of days until you are getting close to full marks!

Go to IGCSE revision to find a test for Section C: Plant Physiology. 

Go to AS revision to find a test for F211 Unit 1: Module 2 – Exchange, Animal Transport and Plant Transport.

Go to A2 revision to find a test for F214 Unit 1: Module 2 – Excretion.

As always these tests have been created using the relevant textbooks so the answers should be easy to look up. However, if you’d like the answers for any of the tests available on just send me an email.


What’s inside a cell?

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what goes on inside a cell from a basic 2D diagram in a textbook.TheresaKnott_Microscope

If you are revising for your AS Biology exams then I’d recommend downloading the app iCell® which can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android device.

It gives you an amazing interactive 3D view inside three different types of cell – an animal cell, a plant cell and a bacteria cell. This means that you can easily compare the differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes.

I like the way that you can you can click on the organelles to find out more information about them. You can also rotate the cell and use your finger to zoom in and out.

Give it a go!

Suffering from a broken heart?

heartIt’s Valentine’s day! A day to celebrate being in love. However, not everyone has that someone special. Maybe you’re suffering from a broken heart. The good news is that it can’t be as badly broken as the sheep’s heart I recently dissected.

You can view my dissection, which demonstrates the major structures found in the heart, on my YouTube channel. Or maybe try my ‘flipped’ lesson on TED-Ed.

I will be posting my next dissection, a pig eye, in a few weeks time!

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