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Need help with revision?

Over the next month I will be posting various resources to help you revise for your exams. This will include hints, tips, videos, summaries, tests and planners. Once they have been posted you will also be able to find them on the relevant pages.

IGCSE Biology Revision

OCR AS Biology Revision

OCR A2 Biology Revision

The first resource, available to download now, is a revision tracker. It can be used for any subject but is particularly useful when revising for a factual subject such as Biology. Every time you complete a test or a past paper question, you should write down anything you get wrong on the tracker. This will allow you to keep a note of your weakest topics and help you to focus your revision in the weeks leading up to your exam or test.

I have also posted an IGCSE revision quiz for the whole of Section B: Human Physiology. The quiz takes about 30 minutes to complete and I’d recommend doing it several times as it’s a really effective way to improve your factual recall. I wrote the the quiz using the Edexcel textbook so all the answers can be found there.

Please write in the comments below if you’ve found these helpful, or if there are any other revision resources that you’d like me to create.


Watch me dissect a pig’s eye!

I have just uploaded my latest dissection to my YouTube channel. This dissection is in HD and has labelled diagrams throughout to help explain the major structures of the eye.

You can also revise everything you need to know about the eye for IGCSE by viewing my Slideshare PowerPoint below, which is also available to download.

Both these resources, and many more to help you understand the eye, can be found by visiting the IGCSE Coordination section of my website.

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