4. Cell Division

  • What happens in the cell cycle?
  • What are the main stages of mitosis?
  • What is a homologous pair of chromosomes?
  • What is mitosis used for?
  • How does budding in yeast occur?
  • Do you understand that cells produced by meiosis are not genetically identical?
  • What is a stem cell?
  • Can you define the term differentiation – with reference to erythrocytes and neutrophils in the bone marrow, and the production of xylem vessels and phloem sieve tubes from cambium?
  • Can you describe the following specialised cells: erythrocytes, neutrophils, epithelial cells, sperm cells, palisade cells, root hair cells and guard cells?
  • What do the following terms mean tissue, organ and organ system?
  • How are cells organised into tissues? E.g. squamous and ciliated epithelia, xylem and phloem.
  • Why is cooperation between cells, tissues, organs and organ systems important?

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