I do not teach the AQA AS course, however I did create a set of revision quizzes from the approved Nelson Thomas AQA AS Student book for someone I was tutoring. I have not written any mark schemes for these but the idea is that you look up the answers in the textbook, correct your work and try the test again the following day until you get everything right!


Chapter 1 – Causes of disease

Chapter 2 – Enzymes and the digestive system

Chapter 3 – Cells and movement in and out of them

Chapter 4 – Lungs and lung disease

Chapter 5 – The heart and heart disease

Chapter 6 – Immunity


Chapter 7 – Variation

Chapter 8 – DNA and Meiosis

Chapter 9 – Genetic diversity

Chapter 10 – The variety of life

Chapter 11 – The cell cycle

Chapter 12 – Cellular organisation

Chapter 13 – Exchange and transport

Chapter 14 – Classification

Chapter 15 – Evidence for relationships between organisms

Chapter 16 – Adaptation and selection

Chapter 17 – Biodiversity


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