A2 Revision

On this page you will find a series of resources to help you revise for OCR A2 Biology.

F214 Module 1 – Communication

Try this revision test on Unit 1 Module 1 – Communication to help improve your factual recall.

F214 Module 2 – Excretion

This revision test on Unit 2 Module 2 will give you a better understanding of the kidney and liver and how they are involved with excretion.

F215 Module 1 – Cellular Control and Variation

This revision quiz helps to test you on the key terms and definitions, it does not contain any detailed genetic problems or maths questions.

F215 Module 3 – Ecosystems

This revision test will help you learn those key definitions and the detail required to get top marks in the exam.

The answers for each revision test can be easily found in your textbook or you can always email me for the answers.

  1. Love this site really helps, just wondering if you had mark schemes for the exam packs, I have got most of my friends using this site as well, again great site

    • Thanks for using the site, I’m glad you like it and have found it useful. Unfortunately I haven’t written the mask schemes yet for the A2 Revision Quizes but most of the answers are in the textbook. I hope to write the mark schemes in the near future so do check back as I will provide a link to them on this page.

  2. Could you send me the answers for the OCR F214 unit 1 module 1 communication quiz answers please

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