IGCSE Biology – 6 Marker Question Revision

Some of the hardest questions in IGCSE Biology are the 6 marker questions and the paper nearly always finishes with one which is more than often about carrying out an experiment. As there is no coursework for this course they must make sure they test you on your experimental knowledge throughout the paper.

If you can master these questions you are giving yourself a good chance of achieving a top grade.

In my new revision resource I have written 10 original example 6 marker questions followed by a mark scheme for each one. You can download it here:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.54.31

Note carefully how many of the answers are looking for the same things, especially in the practical questions. The key is to think about the variables.

Remember that the aspect the scientist is altering is the independent variable. Whatever they measure or record in the experiment is the dependent variable and all other variables in the experiment must be controlled. If you explain how to vary the independent variable, how specifically to measure the dependent variable and how to control the other variables then you should do well.


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  1. Hi, We’ve just done question 8 of the six marker IGCSEs. My son answered with a detailed description of process of industrial fermentation etc., having – on my advice – taken the modification of the bacteria as a given. He was going to try and cover both aspects but I said as there were only 6 marks he should limit it. Would he lose marks – the question seemed to be asking for the process post-modification – or can questions be ambiguous like this in an exam?

    • Hi there, the mark scheme will usually have multiple marks available and you should not worry about writing more. In this case I can see how you interpreted the question like that but I think the mass production element would only be worth one or two marks regarding the fermenter. The question is really asking about how to use bacteria to make the insulin. It’s also worth noting the details of the fermenter will only come up in the second paper, so you should not refer to it in paper 1 as it wouldn’t be on the mark scheme.

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